Ron Davis and Steve Ellwood have been involved with litigation for a long time. They are a unique team.

  • Ron: a lawyer with a wide range of experience and talents.
  • Steve: a multi-certified forensic technology pioneer, with decades of know-how from working inside law firms.

Ron and Steve have formed a uniquely skilled team to help businesses and litigators improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and bottom line. 

ellwood Evidence Inc. offers top-flight creative and timely assistance to:


  • time and cost-efficient eDiscovery consulting
  • litigation readiness planning and preparation
  • corporate technology policies and practices 
  • courtroom defensible electronic document collection and preservation  
  • forensic collection and preservation of data from computers, mobile phones, cars and other sources
  • Designing and executing disaster recovery measures
  • Designing, installing and configuring technology for:
    • data and document retention
    • compliance
    • legal holds
    • complex transactions
  • cybersecurity and encryption


  • rule-compliant and courtroom ready evidence analysis and production
  • technology analysis and expert testimony in all areas of litigation
  • Meet & Confer planning and support
  • classifying privileged and confidential data
  • social media evidence research and collection
  • planning and executing court orders (Mareva injunctions, Anton Piller orders, etc.)
  • witness preparation
  • discovery and trial preparation
  • deleted evidence analysis
  • visual image and audio analysis
  • digital asset management for estates and matrimonial cases