What is Clever Collection™?

Clever Collection™ is a method of dealing with digital forensic data that can save both time and money. The concept is simple: When collecting digital forensic data, you want to collect everything that might be relevant, but nothing more.

Miss Nothing

Drive Value

A good example is digital audio. Audio files are comparatively large. In an industry where eDiscovery is priced per gigabyte, large files are costly. If you are certain that digital audio files are irrelevant to your case, then excluding just these files from your collection can save you lots of money. And not examining them later can save you more time, and more money.

There are other obvious exclusions, like software installation files. The files for installing Microsoft PowerPoint are almost certainly irrelevant to your case. If all software installation files are irrelevant, then we can exclude them from collection.

The challenge is deciding what is not relevant.  As legal technology specialists, we know exactly the right questions to ask you to help you answer that question  - with certainty - for every situation.