Doug BAnwell

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Doug Banwell has a broad variety of experience gained over the course of his 35 year career.

He moved to Toronto in 1980 to pursue his post-secondary education in jazz saxophone performance at York University. He worked several jobs to pay the bills at this time, and one of the firms he was working at was chosen by Xerox to try out their latest product: the Personal Computer. After the box sat unopened for 3 months, he decided he’d start working with the new computer and see what happened. Doug got himself assigned to working straight mid-nights so he could work with fewer distractions.

After that modest beginning, technology became a cornerstone of Doug’s life. He worked for Canada’s largest centralized computer service bureau, Canada Systems Group, from 1984 until it was taken over by Singer Business Systems in 1989.

During this time, Doug worked at another of his passions: high-performance driving. From 1987 - 1990 he was a part-time instructor at the Petro-Canada Skid Control School in Oakville.

In 1990, Doug was selected to assist the transition team of the the newly elected Ontario government under Bob Rae. Doug continued to work as political staff serving as the Private Secretary to the Minister of Energy and as a Communications Assistant for the Chair of Management Board and the Minister of Education and Training.

When the Rae government was defeated in the 1995 provincial election, Doug started a long stint as a freelance consultant and musician. He worked with ellwood Associates from 1998 until 2007 when he moved to Huntsville.

And now he’s back with ellwood on a full-time basis, specializing in document and process automation and acting as Executive Officer to Steve Ellwood.