Certified EDT Site Administrator (CESA)


"We chose EDT because our boutique law firm clients wanted the advantages of a cloud-based review platform, easy access, powerful analytics and collaboration but they were not prepared to impose the high fixed and variable costs of other hosted eDiscovery solutions on their clients. EDT offers an accessible path to the advantages without the human resource and cost burden. Taking the steps to become a CESA not only enriched my knowledge of the software but has allowed me to offer our clients a full understanding of the software and delve into how it can help each client's unique situation. The learning gained from the accreditation further helped me to understand the behind the scenes of EDT providing me the ability to bridge the technical aspects and our clients' eDiscovery needs."

- Stephanie WIlliams, Director of eDiscovery

Includes and builds upon all other certifications, this course is designed for those responsible for administration of the entire EDT environment. This includes installation, upgrades, configuring and maintaining the environment, deploying new processing servers and monitoring usage logs and metrics.

Includes material for technical users who will be responsible for the ingestion of data, both structured load files and native and forensic files, quality assurance activities and export productions.

Discusses edt project management. This may include early case assessment, culling, analyzing, batching documents for review, reporting review progress and sampling.