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Welcome to ellwood Evidence Inc. - We provide digital forensics and litigation support services across Canada. 

We are legal technology specialists. We are a 100% Canadian-owned company, based in Toronto.


How we help

iPhones and Android smartphones, Computers, Security Systems, Tablets, Photographs and Videos, Cloud-based social media services, Cloud-based file storage services, USB sticks and backups along with filing cabinets of paper and archive boxes - it's all potentially Evidence.

ellwood Evidence has expertise in the preservation, analysis, review and presentation of modern evidence. 



Proactive collection & preservation can save you time and money: when a computer (especially a cellphone, smartphone or tablet) is on, it is actively overwriting the kinds of artifacts that might be critical to your case. Preserving early makes the examination more likely to succeed and can provide more valuable insights. Here is a more detailed discussion. We will work with you and your client to determine where the relevant evidence is and how best to preserve it, whatever it turns out to be.

Once relevant documents, invoices, spreadsheets, PDFs, emails, text messages, Facebook posts, and all other forms of digital and paper based evidence are gathered, it is time to use that evidence to develop and support your theory of the case.


Analysis & Review

Evidence is meaningless without someone qualified to explain its meaning. You need an analysis process that can withstand aggressive cross-examination. You need an expert that can effectively ask the right questions, gather the right answers and defend the process at every step.

Whether you are using an in-house review platform like iPro, CaseMap or a hosted platform like EDT or Relativity, the ellwood team can deliver the data to your review platform and support you through the process of efficiently reviewing the materials. If you don't have a review platform we can provide one for your use on a case by case basis. Your evidence at your fingertips, the productions of opposing counsel at your fingertips.



Sometimes technical evidence is… technical. But that doesn't mean the presentation can't be clear and accessible to every listener. We prepare our reports knowing the reader isn't a specialist. Our reports use the evidence to provide a fact-based narrative of events. Accessible, clear and accurate, whether in the written report or on the witness stand.

We also provide expert comment on the evidence presented by opposing counsel. Does the evidence they are providing actually mean what they say it means? Are there superior explanations? Are there errors in their work? We will sit beside you in court listening to the in-chief testimony and provide 'on the fly' explanations and assist you in developing your questions for cross.

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Certifications & tools

We are committed to the development of the forensic community and use and contribute to a wide-range of open-source tools. We are certified in standard investigative methods & tools used by police departments and institutions around the world.  Industry certifications validate the knowledge and capability methods and tools, like those below. Read more about the benefits of certification in one of our articles.