Cooper Sandler Shime & Bergman LLP

Mr. Ellwood's assistance to me in preparing defenses for my clients has been invaluable. He routinely takes the time to assist me with understanding the "big picture" as it relates to the issues we are dealing with with - and at no additional cost to the client. His knowledge and ability to communicate difficult technical concepts is exceptional. Simply put, Mr. Ellwood and his team deliver on time, in a professional manner and always within budget.
While I have no doubt that Mr. Ellwood would make a very credible, balanced and forthright expert witness in a criminal trial, I have never called him as a witness. This is principally due to the fact that Crown Attorney's have not questioned the content and impartiality of his reports. Mr. Ellwood has also met a number of times with digital forensic expert witnesses for the Crown and these meetings have always been productive, collegial and beneficial to my client's defense.
The reports prepared by Mr. Ellwood have all been completed in a timely fashion, comprehensive in scope and written in language that is understandable to judges, Crown Attorneys and defense lawyers' alike.

Scott Bergman

The Toronto criminal defence lawyers at Cooper, Sandler, Shime & Bergman LLP have provided Toronto criminal law services for over 30 years. They are a leading criminal defence firm in Toronto, and throughout Ontario.

Mr. Bergman joined the firm after the successful completion of his Articles of Clerkship in 2004. He has been a partner at the firm since 2011. Mr. Bergman represents clients on a wide variety of criminal and quasi-criminal matters, ranging from "white collar" charges, such as insider trading and large-scale fraud to dangerous driving causing death, drinking and driving and aggravated assault charges under the Criminal Code. As a part-time Crown Attorney, Mr. Bergman also assists with prosecutions on behalf of the Attorney General of Ontario.

Mr. Bergman was co-counsel with Mr. Sandler in their representation of the Criminal Lawyers' Association as intervener before the Supreme Court of Canada in the case of Hill v. Hamilton-Wentworth Police. Scott has also been appellate counsel for clients in the Court of Appeal for Ontario and the Superior Court of Justice.

Scott is an Executive member of, and the Advocacy and Government Relations Liaison for, the Ontario Bar Association's Criminal Justice Section. His government relations works extends to membership on the Law Reform Committee of the Canadian Bar Association's Criminal Justice Section. In this capacity, Mr. Bergman reviews and responds to proposed federal government amendments to the Criminal Code on behalf of the Canadian Bar Association.

Mr. Bergman is also a member of Legal Aid Ontario's Criminal Law Advisory Committee. As a member of the Committee, Mr. Bergman provides professional insight and feedback to the Chair of Legal Aid Ontario, all with a view to enhancing and improving the delivery of legal aid services in Ontario.