Jeff Carolin Barrister & Solicitor

"Stephen was very prompt in responding to me and in explaining what was possible and what was not possible. He explained the program/software he uses to construct a forensic copy of the phone (in this case, an iPhone) and the various analytical steps he would take to determine what activity took place on the phone at the relevant time. The report was extremely detailed and highlighted all the activity on the phone. Stephen was wiling to work within the relatively tight budget that I had received from the LAO (Legal Aide Ontario).

Working with him also raised the possibility of new arguments that I hadn't considered. For Example, in additional to looking for evidence that the video on my client's phone had been deleted, he suggested that they also check to see if the password for the phone was entered at the time that my client was in custody, and, if so, how many times. This would have allowed us to track what the police had been doing with it.

This service had the potential to provide significant corroborative evidence ... The Crown withdrew the charges ... I believe part of his basis for doing so was my willingness and ability to hire these experts, which spoke to my client's belief that this is what had happened. It was very important that this service was available at legal aide rates and I could see where it would be very beneficial on future cases as well."

Jeff Carolin

Jeff graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2011 and was awarded the gold medal for achieving the highest academic standing in his graduating class. He has gone on to argue cases at all levels of court in Ontario. He has successfully defended cases involving drug charges (possession, trafficking, and importing), violent offences (everything from assaults all the way up to second degree murder), all manner of property crimes (such as robbery, mischief, break & enter, and theft), weapons offences, drinking and driving charges, and offences against police (obstruct, assault peace officer, and resist arrest).  

Before hanging up his shingle in 2012, Jeff clerked at the Ontario Court of Appeal for Justices Doherty, Feldman, and Pepall. Working at the top court in Ontario added to the practical legal experience that Jeff had gained working at Pivot Legal Society in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, at Parkdale Community Legal Services in the immigration division, and at the downtown Toronto public interest civil litigation firm of Klippensteins Barristers & Solicitors.