The Latest on the 4 Letter Word You Need to Know: EDRM 3

Not long ago we wrote about the EDRM - the Electronic Discovery Reference Model - and explained why anyone involved in litigation - lawyers and clients alike - needs to know about it. That’s still true. So, if you haven’t had a chance to read the piece, you can do so here.

When we posted the article, the EDRM was in its 2nd version. Recently, the 3rd version came out. It builds on version 2, and adds an interesting twist. We thought we would update you.

First, a reminder of what EDRM 2 looked like:

Now EDRM 3:

There are three obvious changes between EDRM 2 & 3:

  • The “Information Management” square has become the “Information Governance” circle

  • The line at the bottom linking “”Presentation” to “Information Governance” is thicker

  • The terms “VOLUME” and “RELEVANCE” are more prominent

Here, from the EDRM website is the explanation of these three modifications:

The leftmost item in the model has been renamed “Information Governance” and its shape has been changed from a rectangle to a circle. These edits better align this diagram with EDRM’s Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM). The adoption of a circle also is meant to show that every well-managed e-discovery process should start and end with sound information governance.

In addition, the line from Presentation to Information Governance has been widened. This emphasizes that no e-discovery process is fully completed – no matter at what stage it stops – until it has been looped back to IG.

The final update to the diagram is the increased size of the words “VOLUME” and “RELEVANCE” in the bottom corners of the diagram. This change draws greater attention to the two core objectives driving most e-discovery projects.

In a nutshell, EDRM is telling us to pay more attention to information and how it is handled. We all need systems in place to store, track, manage and, if necessary, retrieve the data. We need to be on top of of how and where data is created, how and where it is stored, how and when it is deleted, and who oversees all the processes.

The EDRM has a useful infographic outlining the elements of Information Governance:

The EDRM’s message is welcome, if overdue, given that individuals and organizations alike are creating and storing more and more data every year. More than ever, EDRM is a four letter word they need to know.